Environmental and Social Action

As people and as a company, we do the right thing.
Ubukata Industries' environmental and social endeavors are grounded in this spirit.

As people and as a company, we do the right thing.
Ubukata Industries' environmental and social endeavors are grounded in this spirit.

We are pressing ahead with environmental efforts based on ISO 14001 certification, as well as with social action, but underlying these are the simple principles of “"doing the right thing as people” “behaving the right way as a company.” If an action seems necessary, we will not hesitate to implement it, but we consistently and tenaciously maintain the spirit of doing the right thing as people and as a company.

Environmental Action

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

Ubukata Industries has devised the environmental policy given below and is engaged in action to advance environmental protection. The company acquired ISO 14001 certification from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA) in February 2001.

Environmental Policy (FY 51 Policy)

  1. Press ahead with training for employees and devote effort to resource conservation and recycling.
  2. Comply with legal requirements and other requirements that the company assents to, prevent pollution, protect the environment, and devote effort to continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  3. Advance environmental-preservation action in a cooperative system with governmental entities.
  4. Advance communication with community residents.

Environmental Management System

With respect to the environmental policy established by the company's top management, we devise plans that align the entire company (all areas of the company) along the same vector (“Plan”) and act in lines with this plan (“Do”). We further check the results of this by means of internal audits and the like (“Check”), with our efforts again revised by upper management (“Action”).

Environmental Management System

Head Office Factory Oriented to Environmental Awareness

  1. Use of earthquake-resistant construction, such as sinking foundation piles deeply enough to reach stable ground
  2. Reducing energy use, such as making production facilities more efficient and energy-saving by using energy-efficient lighting
  3. Giving consideration to coexistence with nature, such as installing rooftop green spaces
  4. Installation of rooftop solar panels. The electricity produced thereby reduces carbon dioxide by an amount equivalent to planting 15 trees.
  5. Installation of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, and installation of heat-exchange ventilation equipment
  6. Blocking noise and enhancing efficiency by reducing the size of factory-area windows
  7. Reduction of power usage through adoption of inverter compressors
Head Office Factory Oriented to Environmental Awareness

Eco-oriented Worksite

We were designated an eco-oriented worksite by the City of Nagoya in 2006.
Presently as well, we have continued to renew this designation.

Eco-oriented Worksite

Social Action

We actively engaged in interaction with the local community. Through such efforts conducted together with our neighbor, Denso Solution, as events showcasing our plans and endeavors for local residents to see as well as annual illumination displays at the turn of the year, we devote ourselves to interaction and harmony with the local community.

Community Appreciation Day Community Appreciation Day
Illumination Illumination


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