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Thermal Switch

Helping to ensure safety through quick detection of slight changes imperceptible to people.

Thermal Switch

High Accuracy Yet with a Simple Design

These switches enjoy broad use in the air-conditioner compressors on cars as well as in industrial-equipment motors, generators, and other devices, where their high accuracy is put to full use and their reliability has earned high acclaim.


Quietly Watching in Places People Never See

These components demonstrate excellent thermal responsiveness achieved through our rich expertise in bimetal switches, preventing problems in compressors, motors and generators.

Main Usage

  • Automotive Air-conditioner Compressors
  • Many Types of Industrial-equipment Motors
  • Generators


  • Sensitive detection of minute changes in temperature
  • Demonstrates outstanding thermal responsiveness, preventing trouble in compressors, motors, and generators

Product Features

  • Demonstrates high accuracy with a simple structure
  • Custom-settable to an optimal open-close temperature by forming the bimetal using our own original forming technology
  • Capable of detecting copper-pipe temperatures in compressors and the temperatures of compressors for automotive air conditioners


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