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Oil Level Sensor

In the air-conditioning equipment essential to modern-world life, these continuously monitor the operating environment.

Oil Level Sensor

Detection of Low Oil Levels in Compressors

These make it possible to detect the amount of oil inside the sealed containers of coolant compressors.
This can help to prevent seizing or other malfunction due to low oil levels inside compressor containers.

Main Usage

  • Large air-conditioner compressors


  • Monitoring of oil levels in coolant compressor containers
  • Output of oil levels by electrostatic capacitance

Product Features

  • No moving parts makes for a structure of high reliability.
  • Direct placement inside the high-temperature, high-pressure sealed containers makes possible rapid detection of changes in fluid flow.
  • Types integrated with the air-tight terminals and types separated from the air-tight terminals are both available to match the installation method.


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