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Glass Terminal

Our own original glass-terminal technology can achieve high quality and meet diverse needs.

Glass Terminal

High Quality Air-tight Glass-terminal Technology

Since its establishment in the 1970s, the glass hermetic-seal technology essential to air-tight metal containers has been cultivated over many years and is capable to attaining the high-level quality that meets the stringent demands of our customers.


From Hybrid Cars to Town Gas

We have rolled out a diverse array of products, from motor-driven compressors to flow monitors for town gas and propane gas.

Main Usage

  • As power-supply terminals for motor-driven compressors in car air conditioners for hybrid vehicles
  • As connector terminals for precision sensors


  • Our original glass hermetic-seal technology ensures high seal performance in a stable way
  • Achievement of high quality through our proprietary production system

Product Features

  • High acclaim earned for a production system that makes possible stable high quality.
  • Customization available to enable delivery of products with individually independent specifications


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