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Motor Protector

We quietly continue to sustain safety inside the air conditioners.

Motor Protector

An Overwhelming Share of Use in Air Conditioners

Our protectors are capable of detecting both temperature and current. Global demand for air conditioners is accelerating and Motor Protectors are installed in their compressors. Because we have a high reliability in our protectors we are able to sustain an overwhelmingly large share in the market.


Reliable Operation Even in Difficult Environments

Thanks to our own original glass-terminal encapsulation technology, these components function correctly even in harsh oil- and gas-filled environments.


A Rich Product Lineup

We also devote effort to providing a rich lineup of products, and have rolled out series that meet needs for both single-phase and three-phase components.

Main Usage

Compressor for Air-conditioner


  • Protection switch that detects both temperature and current
  • Automatic-reset switch that directly interrupts overcurrent
  • Prevention of motor burnout and other problems inside the compressor that can occur due to motor lockup, loss of gas, or abnormal voltage during operation

Product Features

  • Use of our own original glass hermetic-seal technology and sealing-welding technology
  • Correct functioning even in harsh oil- and gas-filled environments
  • Thermal response superior to externally mounted protectors, allowing the compressors for better performance


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