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Refrigerant Sensor

Accurate measurement of refrigeration-gas temperature, helping to achieve energy savings in refrigerators and air conditioners.

Refrigerant Sensor

As a Temperature-measurement Sensor for Refrigeration Gas

Through superior glass hermetic-seal technology, we have succeeded in installing temperature sensors inside refrigeration-gas pipes. This makes possible accurate temperature measurement with no external effects, helping to ensure that not even minute changes in temperature are overlooked.


Sensitive Switching Through Outstanding Responsiveness

Responsiveness as a sensor is outstanding, making sensitive switching possible. This can help booth energy efficiency in refrigerators and air conditioners.

Main Usage

Temperature control for refrigeration gas in refrigerators and air conditioners


  • Precise and rapid measurement of temperature changes in refrigeration gas
  • Contribution to energy savings thanks to high responsiveness

Product Features

  • pplication of glass hermetic-seal technology achieves temperature-sensor installation inside refrigeration-gas pipes.
  • This eliminates external effects, improving the accuracy of temperature measurement.
  • High responsiveness makes possible sensitive switching. This can help enhance energy efficiency in refrigerators and air conditioners.


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