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Sesimic Sensor, Tipping/Tilting Switch

Protecting people from disasters and accidents through instant detection of emergency situations that can happen any time.

Sesimic Sensor, Tipping/Tilting Switch

Response to Seismic Shaking Only

Thanks to research into the waveforms of earthquakes around the world, these hardball seismic sensors operate only when they're supposed to. These react only to seismic motion, and not to such everyday occurrences as shaking from construction or automobile vibrations.


Adoption in a Wide Array of Uses

In addition to installation in intelligent gas meters for town gas and propane, they also find use in a large number of other applications, including tilt switches for such equipment as gas fan heaters and as seismic sensors for oil fan heaters.


Proven Performance From Actual Earthquakes

Seismic sensors for town gas and propane gas operate rapidly when an actual earthquake occurs and have a proven record of performance in preventing secondary fire due to gas.

Main Usage

  • Intelligent Gas Meters (for Town Gas and Propane Gas)
  • Gas and Oil Fan Heaters
  • A Variety of Industrial Equipment


  • Instantaneous detection of seismic motion
  • Signals will be sent to a connected computer to stop fuel supply and combustion, preventing secondary fire

Product Features

  • Reacts only to seismic motion, and not to general everyday sources of vibration
  • Achieves compactness even with a hardball design
  • Use of our own original glass hermetic-seal technology and sealing-welding technology
  • Usable at temperatures of -20 to 50 ℃


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