March 1955 Susumu Ubukata, upon his resignation as associate professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology, embarks on research into the creation of Liquid Switches
September 1957 Founded Ubukata Laboratory
January 1963 Following success in the development of Liquid Switch manufacturing, started supplying the appliance industry with motor starting and protective relays, and the automotive industry with flasher relays
July 1966 Established Ubukata Industries to meet growing business demands
November 1970 Incorporated Ubukata Industries Co., Ltd capitalized at 10 million yen
April 1971 Constructed the Main Plant
July 1972 Increased the capital to 20 million yen
November 1972 Constructed the North Plant
February 1973 Increased the capital to 38 million yen
April 1974 Started supplying the appliance industry with Internal Thermostats
February 1975 Increased the capital to 50 million yen
May 1975 Internal Protectors introduced and adopted by the appliance industry
October 1979 Started supplying the appliance industry with Seismic Sensors
August 1982 Started exporting to the US market
October 1983 Established a US representative office in Detroit, Michigan
December 1984 Increased the capital to 80 million yen
February 1986 Established Merycon Corporation
March 1986 Constructed the West Plant
July 1988 The "Weight Sensor" was adopted by oil heater manufacturers
August 1988 The extension to the West Plant was built
March 1989 The seismic sensing apparatus was adopted by gas companies
April 1989 The air bag sensor was adopted by automobile manufacturers
June 1989 The heating oil pump was developed and introduced to the markets
August 1991 Susumu Ubukata, president and founder passes away
September 1991 Hirotoshi Nishikawa elected president
April 1992 The UT15 internal thermostat was adopted for automobile air conditioner scroll compressors
August 1993 The ball type seismic sensors (UG18 & 19) were adopted by gas companies
October 1993 Officially commended by the chief of Aichi Prefectural Labor Standards office for superiority in working conditions and workers health control
June 1994 The ultra compact protector (UP3) was adopted by the appliance industry
October 1994 he ball type seismic sensors (UG 17 & 20) were adopted by the kerosene fan heater industry
May 1995 Constructed a clean room in the West Plant
July 1997 New Internal Protector for 3-phase motor (UP18) was adopted by the appliance industry Qualification for an independent quality assurance company (Motor Protector series) us given by Matsushita Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
November 1997 Inauguration of Shinya Ubukata as president
November 1998 Established Joint Venture Company Ningbo Ubukata Hengdian Electric Co., Ltd Ningbo, China Internal protectors for single phase (UP14) are used by each electrical manufacturer
January 1999 President Shinya Ubukata receives "The Best Youth Management Award" sponsored by THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD. (THE DAILY INDUSTRIAL NEWS)
October 1999 Production of internal protectors (UP3) started at the joint venture
February 2001 Acquisition of ISO 14001
January 2003 Acquisition of ISO 9001
March 2003 Certified as a "Monozukuri Brand Nagoya" by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce
March 2004 Certified as an "Aichi Brand Enterprise" by Aichi Prefecture
August 2004 Built a new logistics center
April 2006 Honored as one of the "top 300 mid-to-small enterprises promoting healthy monozukuri for the Japan of tomorrow" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
September 2006 Started sales of "Pioma", a fire alarm with seismic sensor light attached
October 2006 "Pioma" awarded the Good Design Prize
February 2007 "Pioma" awarded the Nagoya Mayor's Prize at the Nagoya Industrial Technology GrandPrix
April 2007 Awarded the Intellectual Properties Service Award (commendation by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) by the Japan Patent Office
September 2007 The Fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of Ubukata Industries
October 2007 "Pioma" awarded an Encouragement Award by the chairman of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
October 2007 Visit by the Prince and Princess Hitachi
June 2008 Shigeo Kimura is elected as president and COO
December 2010 Demolished the Main Plant and North Plant, Constructed the New Main Plant
December 2011 Oil Level Sensor(UOL) was adapted for refrigerant compressors
July 2013 Super-Duper Protector(USP) was adapted by the applianse industry
December 2014 Released a new Internal Motor Protector for the refrigerator market
September 2015 Released a new glass terminal for the Ultra Sonic Gas-Smart Meter market
March 2017 Bought out the rest of the share of Company Ningbo Ubukata Hengdian Electric Co., Ltd, and became our wholly owned subsidiary in China

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