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Seismic Sensor, Tilt switch

Seismic Sensor, Tilt switch

Ubukata Seismic Sensors: instant detection of unexpected events.

The result of research on the waveforms of earthquakes occurring in all parts of the world, our "hard ball style" seismic sensor does not operate when it shouldn't. It does not react to everyday occurrences such as shaking caused by construction work or automobile vibrations. It only reacts to the movements of an earthquake. Besides installation on natural gas and propane gas consumption meters, it is also widely used as a seismic sensor for gas fan heater tumbler switches or oil fan heaters. Seismic sensors used for natural and propane gas in particular quickly function when an earthquake actually occurs; ample evidence has been collected, proving its performance in preventing secondary fires due to gas. Ubutaka led the industry by developing a mercury-free application in 1993, receiving high praise for our environmentally friendly product.

Seismic Sensor Application

Seismic Sensor  Application

Applied Field/Products

  • Gas Meter
  • Gas/Oil heaters
  • Industrial Machine/equipment


  • Able to detect earthquake acceleration and send a pulse to safety system to shut valve down to prevent fire after earthquake


  • Distinguish earthquake acceleration and ordinal acceleration, and function only to the earthquake acceleration
  • Line-up mercury contact type and non-mercury contact type
  • Original glass hermetic seal technologies with inert gas
  • Wide range of surrounding atmosphere between -20℃~50℃

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