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Glass Terminal

Glass Terminal

Our unique glass terminals Supporting high-level quality.

Our air-tight glass terminals uphold the quality of components such as the motor-driven compressors on hybrid vehicles and natural gas or propane flow monitors. Since becoming established in the 1970's, our glass hermetic seal technology, so critical to air-tight metal containers, has evolved over the years to meet the stringent demands of our customers. This accumulated technology is unique to our company and has allowed us to realize a high level of quality.

Applied Field/Products

  • Motor-driven compressor for Hybrid/Electrical vehicle
  • Glass terminals for precision sensor


  • Original glass hermetic seal technology guarantee high-level sealed quality


  • Since 1970’s, our hermetic seal technologies has been applied our precision switches and evolved over the years with critical know-how’s
  • Reliable manufacturing machines enable to high-level of quality
  • Able to customized to your unique application demands

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