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Thermal Switch

Thermal Switch

The Ubukata Thermal Switch Picking up slight changes people can't sense Rapid response assuring our safety.

Sensitive enough to detect slight changes in temperature, the Ubukata thermal switch is characterized by a simple, yet high-precision, structure. Used in a wide variety of applications, from the compressors mounted on automobiles to the meters used on all kinds of industrial equipment and generators, it is highly praised for its reliability. Drawing from the accumulation of technology since starting the development of our bimetal switch in 1961, it exhibits superior reactivity to changes in heat and prevents damage to compressors, motors and generators. Just like the internal protector, it quietly watches over areas inside vehicles and factories that people never see, quickly reacting to abnormalities, supporting safety in the workplace and in everyday life.

Applied Field/Products

  • A/C compressor for automotive
  • Industrial Machine
  • Electrical generators


  • Able to detect small temperature shift
  • Excellent thermal responsiveness enable to prevent compressor, motor, generator abnormal temperature


  • Simple but precise thermal switch function
  • Able to custom-made with various open-close temperature setting for your needs

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