• Greetings from the President


Greetings from president

Shigeo Kimura, President and CEO

strike forth
Our company does not aim for growth, but for expansion. In other words, our target is the enhancement of the value of our existing business, starting with our products, rather than the quantitative enlargement of our sales volume or share. Accomplishing this during a period of unprecedented economic downturn will definitely not be an easy thing to do. However, we can also look on these difficult circumstances as offering fresh challenges, as presenting an opportunity to be seized. Our key words are “strike forth.” We aim for a fresh, new evolutionary approach where we “intensify what we choose to continue, quickly implement new programs, and immediately put an end to what needs to end.”

This being said, we have no intention of relying on the external factors of market growth or increase in demand in our quest to excel. Whatever the circumstances, we will succeed in enhancing existing values and expanding our business by continually evolving in what we do. It is with this character of spirit that we intend on making a contribution to society with our safety technology.

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