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Motor Protector

Motor Protector

The Ubukata Industries Internal Motor Protector. Finding ways to make life happier and safer. In places people don't usually notice

The Ubukata internal motor protector functions to sense both temperature and electric current. It is installed inside the condensers of air conditioners whose worldwide demand is fast increasing. Thanks to its performance and reliability, it boasts an impressive market share. Our unique glass terminal sealing technology makes for smooth functioning even in the harsh environment of a unit fully charged with oil or gas. Forever striving to expand our product lineup, we have developed a series which meets the requirements of both single-phase and three-phase applications. Quietly working inside an item as integral to our lives as the air conditioner, the Ubukata internal motor protector continuously maintains our safety.

Motor Protector Application

Motor Protector  Application

Applied Field/Products

  • A/C compressor


  • Switch on-off by sensing both temperature and electrical current
  • Direct cut switch with auto-reset function
  • To protect motor burn out when locked motor, loss of gas, voltage down


  • Original glass hermetic seal technologies with inert gas
  • Completely hermetically sealed switch can be used under any severe environments
  • Internally installed protector performs better in thermal responsiveness as compared with externally installed protector

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